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Patrick and Sophat

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Our Story

During the summer of 2010 Sophat was hanging out with a group of her friend's during her senior year of high school and one of them had mentioned it was his friend's birthday and asked if they could stop by their restaurant to say happy birthday. They all tagged along and as they approached the restaurant everyone was soon acquainted with each other. They enjoyed the night hanging out, playing card games and ate cake. As the night ended Sophat went in the car with one of her girlfriends waiting to go home. Patrick went into his car with his friend who was parked adjacent to Sophat. Sophat's girlfriend grabbed her attention and said, "That guy is starring directly at you Sophat." Distracted by her phone Sophat shrugged her shoulders and ignored her friend but her friend was persistent and mentioned, "That guy has his window down and is serenading to you!" Glancing over, Sophat saw Patrick playing his ukulele in the driver side and singing "Ehu girl," by Kolohe Kai. Bursting into tears of laughter and smiles she was taken by surprised how he was so careless, free and daring. She waved bye and the night ended.

Later that summer in September 2010, Patrick and Sophat officially met at a mutual friends' farewell party. As he walked into the room formally dressed coming from a Filipino debut that he was apart of Patrick greeted everyone, "Hello!" They locked eyes giggling and reminiscing their first encounter and smiled to each other. As the night went on they found themselves talking to each other for hours until the night ended. As it was time to go home she said her goodbyes to everyone and gave Patrick a hug and left. As she was walking away Patrick gripped her hand tightly and pulled her back and as she swung back into his arms he gave her a kiss goodnight. What she thought would be the last time she'd ever see him again began the first night of the rest of their lives.