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Patrick & Sophat — Minted




Wedding Party

Lita Vann

Maid of Honor

Best friend to Sophat since 7th grade. From taking classes together, to birthdays, sleepovers, parties and family events; Lita has always been there for sophat in every major point in her life. She is a role model and inspiration to sophat. her motherly love, energetic personality, humble heart and endless support to sophat over the last 17 years has made their friendship everlasting. lita is a mother, best friend and is family to sophat.

Sophors Vuong


Sophat's older sister who is the closest in age to her. Together they grew up watching cartoons, korean drama shows, playing video games, playing outside, going to school together and built so many great childhood memories together. She has always been a role model to sophat and her academic excellence in high school inspired Sophat to pursue a higher education.

Sothaer Vuong


Older sister to Sophat who has always been like a mother to her. Her humbleness, wisdom and love has always carried the family to be wholesome. To singing, dancing, parties, cooking, and socializing, Sophat shares so many common interests with her older sister that always end up in endless smiles and laughter. She is a mother, sister and best friend to Sophat.

Sopheap Vuong


Older sister to Sophat who is also like a mother to her. whatever the subject and situation may be, they are always able to talk about anything and everything. Sophat knows she can always turn to her for advice, knowledge or anything at any time or place. She encourages and gives sophat endless support to push herlself to the limits to advance herself in her life and career.

Carol Kung


Younger Sister to sophat who she shares many common interests with. From scary movie nights, to dancing, singing and eating Sophat shares several memorable moments with her baby sister. Carols growth and maturity has inspired sophat to always strive for the stars. she will always be sophats baby sister.

Pierre Luigi Bondoc

Best Man

Pierre is Patrick’s older brother. Since childhood anything and everything in life was a complete competition even until this day. Whether it was sports, video games, singing, racing or anything physically related, someone always had to be the best. Over the years of their countless brotherly fights and debates It has only brought them closer together. Although life is a competition for them they will always have each others backs and the lengths they will go for each other is unbeatable.

Benny Luy


Benny is Patrick's very good friend and is like another brother to him. He is also Sophat's brother in law and they are all housemates. Benny met patrick in high school and is family to sophat. When patrick and sophat first got together, Benny was one of the first to know about their relationship back in 2010. From highschool to brothers to housemates and now family, Benny has always been there for the both of patrick and sophat since day one.

Darnell Laoagan


Patrick’s Best friend since the 2nd Grade. Darnell is like a brother to patrick and he has been there through the good times and bad times. They can go weeks without talking to each other and pick up where they left off as if nothing ever happened. These two have a passion for cooking, singing, and dancing. When these two get together you can always expect to have a great time.

Clayton Miles Rubia


One of Patirck's Best friends who's like a Brother to him. Miles and Patrick met in high school and they soon became close after bonding over the same favorite sports teams, playing sports, and their love for music. These two go back to having jam sessions back in high school and even until this day. They even got a couple videos up on youtube.

Neal Gutierrez


Neal is One of Patrick's best friends that he's known the longest. Neal and Patrick have know each other for 25+ years. The two met when they were little kids and bonded in youth ministry and music ministry. Over the years they have developed a friendship and bond that cannot be broken. They've shared countless laughters and great memories together. Fun Fact: Neal, Patrick and sophat were housemates at one point.